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Achieve a guaranteed success rate of 100% in your IIBF Bank Promotion Exam with our comprehensive study package. Our full-course videos, detailed chapter wise notes, and extensive collection of previous year questions, coupled with mock tests, provide the ideal preparation strategy. By following this exclusive content, you are equipped with all the necessary tools to crack your Bank Promotion exam on your very first attempt. Rely solely on our meticulously crafted material for a seamless and effective exam preparation journey.







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Benefits of Joining LEARNING SESSIONS for Bank Promotion.

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IIBF Learning Center Bank Promotion

Boost your chances of acing the Bank Promotion exam with our comprehensive Learning Sessions Study material. Dive into our Live recorded videos, engage in mock tests, access the full course content, and explore enriching ePDFs to enhance your preparation.


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Accounting & Finance

Accounting & Finance Complete syllabus

Take our amazing course, which is intended for people who want to get promoted, to the next level in your banking profession. Take advantage of thought-provoking lectures given by our knowledgeable professors, which will guarantee an invaluable education that will surely advance your career. Take the first step towards accomplishing your career objectives by enrolling today.

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Legal aspects of banking

Legal aspects of banking 2024

Gain a comprehensive understanding of banking's legal facets with our expertly curated content. Our live-recorded video lectures ensure a thorough grasp, empowering you to confidently conquer the exam on your first attempt.

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Principle & Practices

Principle & Practices of Bank Promotion

Bank promotion with our comprehensive package. Access mock tests, insightful videos, essential ePDFs, and a wealth of previous year questions to master principles and practices. Elevate your preparation with one-liner questions and a variety of resources

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RBI Latest Guidelines

RBI Latest Guidelines For Bankers

Stay informed with the latest updates on RBI news to enhance your preparation for the exam. Our comprehensive resources, including videos, mock tests, and ePDFs, are designed to guide you towards success.

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Banking Awareness Capsules

Banking Awareness Capsules 2024

Explore our carefully curated Banking Awareness Capsule, available for download now. Join our Learning Sessions to receive a complimentary printed PDF on this topic, enhancing your understanding of key banking concepts.

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Questions on Computers

Questions on Computers for Bankers

Most people use the internet, and it's a popular trend. If you're getting ready for exams, we've got a complete set of basic questions to help you prepare.

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Economics Complete Syllabus Priority 2024

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Foreign Exchange

Get Complete Foreign Exchange Syllabus

Bankers must understand Foreign Exchange well. Our study material helps them get ready for this important topic.

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After I joined the Jaiib batch at Learning Sessions, I cracked Jaiib exam 2023 and discovered my true potential.

Reena Parokhe

IIBF Learning Sessions JAIIB

  • It was superb experience with learning session classes, no need to study anything extra. Focuse on L'S videos and revision. Special thanks to Ashish sir for timely support whenever require. I highly recommend Learning session class for CAIIB. Regards, Anup Gupta BOB


    Anup Gupta


    Jaiib Score 302

  • The most easiest way of understanding & perfect app to clear your concepts for JAIIB & CAIIB, even if you are not from commerce background. Thank you very much for all the guidance.




    Caiib Score 403

  • Highly impressed with this app's content quality, the videos, the study material. The video lectures are a standout feature, explaining complex topics with simplicity. I felt well-prepared and confident going into the JAIIB exams."


    Purnima Kumari


    Jaiib Score 290

  • The study material provided by you is so upto the mark and suffice, that just by going through the videos I cleared CAIIB. I had reffered no other study material. I am very happy and thankful to the whole team and wish u all success.




    Caiib Score 281




Can I rely on this course to pass the Bank Promotion Exam in 2024?

This course covers every aspect of all papers required for the Bank Promotion Exam, aligning with the latest syllabus set by IIBF. It is more than adequate to ensure success in the exam with good marks.

What does the bank promotion exam preparation course include?

The course encompasses comprehensive materials such as full course videos, chapter-wise previous questions, mock tests, mega mock tests, case study videos, and online PDF materials to ensure thorough preparation.

Is this course available online or offline, and can I access any study material offline?

This course is entirely online, encompassing all aspects of the relevant bank promotion exam according to the latest IIBF exam syllabus. The material is accessible online, including videos and previous year questions.

Is it possible to access the course videos on a mobile application for the bank promotion exam, and can these videos be downloaded for offline viewing?

Absolutely! You can conveniently access the course videos through both the website and a dedicated mobile application, which is available for Android devices. Additionally, the videos can be downloaded, allowing you to view them offline at your convenience.

Is it possible to obtain printed copies of the PDF material provided for the bank promotion exam?

Unfortunately, you cannot print the PDFs directly. While the PDFs are accessible through both the mobile application and website, printing them is not supported.

Successful performance in Bank Promotions Exams enables professionals to climb the ladder of success, attain higher positions and open the doors to increase opportunities and broader decision-making roles for them.


Bank Promotion Exams 2024 will be conducted by the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) for various Public Sector (PSBs) and Rural Sector Banks (RRBs) like the Reserve Bank of India, SBI and Associate Banks of SBI, Small Industries Development Bank of India, National Bank for Rural & Agriculture Development, LIC, a few co-operative Banks, & some insurance companies that are members of IBPS.

 1. How to get Bank Promotions Exam Study Material 2024?

Learning Session provide a strong platform for aspirants who want career progression through the Bank Promotions Exam. We provide complete study material of Bank Promotion Exams prepared by our expert professionals which consists of Bank Promotions Exam Epdfs notes, Bank Promotion Awareness Capsule (pdf), Bank Promotions Exam 2900+ Previous Years Questions, and Videos.

The experience of our Bank Promotion Exam 2024 expert, Mr Ashish Jain (delivered 900+ hours of online classes & has taught 1.25 lacs of candidates) is a specialist in delivering conceptual clarity that makes studying from the videos easy for you.

 Our comprehensive Bank Promotion Exam course includes-

·   Full Video Course (covering General Banking, Legal Banking, Forex and, Accounting)

·   Previous Year Questions mock tests

·   One-liners (for quick revision)

·   Bank Promotion Awareness Capsule (pdf)

·   Latest Finance updates

·   Latest Rates & Policies

·   Last 2 months’ financial updates

·   Compete Tests

·   Memory Recalled Questions

·   Epdf notes

·   The video course is a mix of Hindi & English language

 2. Why Learning Session for your Bank Promotion Exam 2024?

Established in 2015, by Mr. Ashish Jain, Learning Session is a top-notch institute for Bank Exam Preparation in India. We specialize in providing coaching for Bank Promotion exams in India and IIBF Certification Exams through various platforms like online crash courses and Learning Session’s Android App. Our Bank Promotion Exam Online Coaching Classes delivered by an expert team, offer a series of mock tests based on the latest describe exam pattern.  This video course is based on the topics from the past year’s trend of the Bank Promotion papers and emphasis is given to all the important concepts of the promotion syllabus.

3. Which strategy should candidates follow to prepare for Bank Promotion exam?

Posts covered under Bank Promotion Exams 2024 -

Office Assistants (SCALE-I), Assistant Managers (SCALE-II), Managers (SCALE-III), Chief Managers (SCALE-IV), Assistant General Manager (SCALE-V) Bank Clerks, Probationary Officers (PO), Specialist Officers (SO),

Learning Session has prepared videos and chapter-wise questions for sure success of candidates in the Bank Promotion Exam 2024. These videos consist of -

General Banking, Principles of Banking, Legal aspects of banking, Forex, Economics, Accounting and finance, Banking Awareness Schemes.

*Videos are available in both Hindi mix English Language

 4.  What is Eligibility for Bank Promotion Exam 2024


Bank Clerk to Officer - The eligibility for bank clerical to officer scale – 1 is 2-3 years of experience & if you have already cleared JAIIB and CAIIB exams, you get the benefit of 1 year of seniority for passing the JAIIB as well as the CAIIB (i.e 2 Years if you have cleared both JAIIB and CAIIB)

In the case of RRBs – Regional Rural Banks, this eligibility criteria is more i.e. from 4-6 years.

For paper-wise comprehensive details of eligibility criteria, candidates are suggested to visit Learning Session’s website.


Bank Promotion Exam 2024 notification will be announced soon. These exams play an imperative role both for candidates to shape their careers and for banks ensuring the presence of proficient bankers. Learning session wishes you all the best. May your dedication and efforts reflect in the Bank Promotion Exam 2024 result.

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